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Jiangmen M.F.B.S. Machinery ltd. was found in June 2002 ( the Flying Dragon Machinery Factory was our former name£¬ established in 1986 ). 

We specialize in researching£¬ developing£¬ manufacturing and selling Heat Sealable Tapes (Seam Sealing Tapes) / Hot Melt Adhesive Films / Seamless Laminating Materials£¬ which are exclusively used in various industries such as garments£¬ shoes£¬ bags and etc. Our products have different series and specifications for your different needs.

Heat Sealable Tapes (Seam Sealing Tapes):
¢Ù TPU Tapes
¢Ú Composite TPU Tapes
¢Û Printed TPU Tapes
¢Ü Three-Ply Cloth Tapes
¢Ý Rubber Tapes
¢Þ Non-woven Fabric Tapes
¢ß EVA Tapes

Hot Melt Adhesive Films:
¢Ù TPU Series hot melt adhesive film (double side adhesive type)

Seamless Laminating Materials:
¢Ù Waterproof Zipper Tapes    ( for zippers£¬ for garment seams£¬ etc.)
¢Ú Seamless Decorative Films/ Tapes in different colors    ( for seamless 
decorations. Ex: seamless pockets£¬ for garment seams£¬ etc. )
¢Û Light Reflective Films & Tapes    ( for safety clothings£¬ for garment seams£¬ etc. )
¢Ü Plastic drop Decorative Tapes    ( for seamless decoration. Ex: seamless pockets£¬ etc.)
¢Ý Lycra Fabric Tape Series    (for seamless decoration. Ex: seamless pockets£¬ for garment seams£¬ etc.)

Products listed above are widely applied to: Active/Sportwears£¬ Skiwears£¬ Ski Gloves£¬ Safety/Military clothings£¬ Medical Protective clothings£¬ Tents£¬ Waterproof Footwears£¬ Seamless Underwears£¬ Seamless Swimwears£¬ Waterproof Bags£¬ Waterproof Gloves£¬ Raincoats£¬ Vehicle Covers£¬ Horse Rugs and etc.


Jiangmen M.F.B.S. Machinery ltd. has been certified to ISO9001:2000 for many years. After years of efforts£¬ we have grown to become one of the Chinese leading specialist firms in manufacturing Heat Sealable Tapes / Hot Melt Adhesive Films and have won a good reputation in this field. A number of outstanding export enterprises have entitled us as their designated suppliers at home and abroad. Although we have acquired a satisfactory research capability and a stable production capacity£¬ we will never slow down our steps and finally lead our customers and enterprise to success.

Good NEWS!

Lately£¬ we also provide the service of material processing:

hot melt adhesive film heat bonding for different fabric materials / Lamination & Slitting Service.


Welcome customers of different industries at home and abroad to visit us!


ADD : No.3 Fuye Stree£¬ Jiangmen£¬Guangdong. ZIP : 529080
TEL : 86-750-3800361 86-750-3808989 FAX : 86-750-3800748