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Our company is located in Chinas earliest opening of the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong£¬ the heart of business opportunities£¬ sustainable development£¬ so that our company has a solid foundation for development.

Through many years of exploration and summary£¬ I Division formed its own unique style enterprise culture£¬ and through management£¬ training£¬ seminars and other formal form£¬ as well as the holiday party£¬ barbecue programs£¬ sports competitions£¬ Aerobics morning exercises£¬boxing training£¬ the indoor outside activities£¬ and other means so that the corporate culture gradually and effectively rooted in every staff£¬ this process of development and growth in our company plays an important role. To develop the patriotic sentiment£¬ and foster a good citizen to do a model£¬ our company in 2002 to set up party branches£¬ in the education and training of party branches£¬ each Employees have set a patriotic£¬ love£¬ dedication£¬ the noble spirit of mutual aid. Strong corporate culture£¬ poly people£¬ the building of a harmonious£¬ let enterprise employees feel the love in their hearts at ease£¬ a sense of belonging to enable enterprises to create a strong cohesion and team spirit.

basketball match Tug-of-war game Girl Basketball Team
Dancing Team Speech Competition

The spirit of enterprise - unity£¬ truth-seeking£¬ hard innovation

Enterprises to the requirements of all staff:

Work hard£¬ every£¬ every second.

Sublimation of quality£¬ every group£¬ every person.

Improve efficiency£¬ every hour£¬ and every minute.

Reducing loss£¬ each of each PCT.

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Kwando Boxing Boxing

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