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 Enterprise target: To become an outstanding and world famous enterprise.


EarcLink was founded in Shenzhen, Hong Kong-owned technology company, we have developed siting products to help enterprises easily build a website designer and marketing platform. Jianzhan products such as ESPCMS convenient and powerful features, hence the name, many users, the industry established a good reputation and a strong number of users. 

Heat sealing tape:

1.TPU belt series

2. Three-layer tape series

3. Printed TPU belt series

4. Composite TPU belt series

5. Non-woven belt series

Hot melt adhesive film:

1.TPU series hot melt adhesive film (belongs to double-sided adhesive type, special for fabric bonding, trademark, badge fitting, etc.)

Seamless fit material:

1. Waterproof zipper tape (for waterproof zipper)

2. Color seamlessly laminating decorative tape / film (seamless clothing decoration, seamless pockets, etc.)

3. Reflective tape / film (safe to take)

4. Drop plastic decorative belt

5. Four-sided elastic belt series

The above products are widely used in: ski wear, mountaineering wear, down jacket, military waterproof winter clothes, camp tents, waterproof bags, waterproof gloves, raincoats, car and boat covers, medical protective clothing and other functional clothing and products.

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    The company has already passed ISO9001-2000 quality management system certification for many years. After years of hard work, the company has become a professional manufacturer with strong strength in China and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. And it has already become a designated supplier of some excellent garment export enterprises at home and abroad. Although we have strong research and development capabilities and production capacity, we will continue to work hard to achieve success with our customers!


Good NEWS!


In addition to selling existing products, our company also undertakes processing all kinds of hot melt adhesive coating and compound slitting business.

Welcome customers from all industries to contact us!

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